Contact lenses "a key part" of new Teen Wolf series

Contact lenses "a key part" of new Teen Wolf series

By Emily Tait

The star of the new TV series based on the hit 1980s film Teen Wolf has revealed how contact lenses play a key role in his transformation into the titular lycan.

Tyler Posey, who at the age of 19 has been tasked with filling the shoes (and school uniform) that Michael J Fox so ably did in the 1985 movie, said that he quickly became aware that one of the major parts of the makeup process would be inserting coloured contact lenses to give him a more wolf-like appearance.

According to the actor, an issue for him at first was other people inserting the contact on his behalf, due to their finger approaching his eye, but he managed to find a way around this.

"The only part that was weird were the contacts because they had lens technicians that would do it for me, so I would sit back and they would come and poke their finger in my eye so it would freak me out.

"But I figured out that the reason I didn't like the contacts so much was for that reason, that people were doing it for me and so I put it in and it was fine."

He explained that he would like Michael J Fox to make a cameo in season two, if possible, as it would help to bring the series full circle, given its 1980s origins.

According to the actor, the writing was literally on the wall when he first went to have his contact lenses fitted, as the eye professional who assessed him for the contacts had a poster of Fox in the room.

"I was like 'Oh how ironic'. There's my little six degrees of separation right there, so who knows," said Posey, who will appear on UK TV screens this week in the debut episode of Teen Wolf.

by Emily Tait

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