Poor eyesight "leading to learning problems"

Poor eyesight "leading to learning problems"

Poor eyesight in many African children is stifling their learning, according to a new report which calls for greater awareness of the problems affecting the youngsters.

A document issued by the Uwezo Initiative and seen by the Standard shows that seven out of ten children leaving the country"s primary schools have not reached the standards needed to progress to secondary school.

According to Uwezo Initiative regional manager Sara Ruto, a major reason for this is poor eyesight, with achievement 27 per cent lower in children whose vision was poor.

Addressing this issue will be vital if the country is to meet its target of improving state education substantially by 2030, Ms Ruto said.

Recently, Manish Sharma and Manish Jobanputra, founders of Fine Feather, which looks at health issues affecting children, said there needs to be greater awareness of vision problems among children in order to prevent long-term sight issues developing.

by Alexa Kaczka

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