ClearKone contact lenses "the real deal"

ClearKone contact lenses "the real deal"

By Martin Burns

The success of the latest contact lens innovation from SynergEyes proves that the product is the real deal, according to the company's senior vice-president of global sales.

Dave Fancher noted that, since ClearKone lenses were introduced to help people with irregular corneas, they have sold over 16,000 units in 32 countries and this is only likely to increase in the months ahead.

"The success of ClearKone has enhanced our expansion into countries outside North America. Through Authorised Distributors, we are currently selling ClearKone in most European countries, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, and we are expediting the registration process in Asia and Latin America," he explained.

Mr Fancher added that ClearKone design is optimised to combat the predominant irregularities of corneal ectasias, and helps restore vision to the "vast majority" of irregular cornea patients without the need for surgery.

Recently, Dr Margaret Ritterbusch, an eye specialist at Outlook EyeCare, said that she has seen "tremendous" success with ClearKone lenses for patients with irregular corneas, particularly keratoconus sufferers, with demand for the lenses remaining extremely high since the launch of the products last year.

by Emily Tait

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