Special-effect contact lenses are "pretty cool"

Special-effect contact lenses are "pretty cool"

The process of making 110 pairs of special-effect contact lenses for a movie was "pretty cool", an expert said this weekend.

California-based Kevin Carter owns his own company and supplies filmmakers with any type of contact lens they might need for costumes.

He recently told the LA Times that after finishing school, he worked for his dad, who made medical contact lenses.

However, Mr Carter decided that special-effect eyes were more interesting and he used inspiration from horror films such as Friday the 13th.

Not only does his firm make coloured contact lenses, but they can give actors bloodshot, opaque or zombie-style peepers.

He told the newspaper about one recent project that "took place in an insane asylum".

Mr Carter added: "[The characters] were infected with some kind of drug that made their eyes look weird. There were three different stages that we did. It was pretty cool!"

There are lots of different types of special contact lenses available online.

Wild Eyes includes cat"s eyes, zebra print and red shades among others, which could be ideal for fancy dress parties.

by Emily Tait

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