Nasa technology "can assist contact lens creation"

Nasa technology "can assist contact lens creation"

A telescope used to help Nasa scientists see into space is being utilised in contact lens creation, it has been revealed.

According to contact lens specialist Dr Dan Neal, a research fellow at Abbott Medical Optics Inc in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the Webb telescope programme has led to a number of improvements in measurement technology for human eyes and diagnosis of ocular diseases, as well as potentially improved surgery.

Meanwhile, new "scanning and stitching" technology which has been developed for the Webb telescope has led to a number of innovations for the accurate measurement for contact lenses and intra-ocular lenses.

"These tools are now used to align and build the next generation of measuring devices for human eyes," Dr Neal commented.

In other vision treatment developments, WaveForm have developed technology that calculates eye corrections and can provide up to 28 times more information than a regular eye exam.

by Emily Tait

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