Makeup "can affect eye health"

Makeup "can affect eye health"

The millions of women around the world that wear makeup have been warned that they can put their vision at risk by not following the correct procedure for removing beauty products from their eyes.

Nick Atkins, an ambassador for Rohto Dry Eye Relief, noted that mascara can cause infection, as bacteria breeds in the tube if it is not discarded regularly.

"Also, failure to remove makeup properly can block the glands in the eyelids, responsible for the production of lipids that make up the oily surface layer of the tear film. This oily layer helps prevent evaporation of the watery component of tears," he explained.

Mr Atkins added that women therefore need to ensure that they are following a sensible eyecare routine when applying and removing makeup to protect their vision.

There is a range of hypo allergenic eye make-up on the market that can help reduce some of these problems.

Bridgette Yeo, a registered optometrist at Stan Isaacs, writing for Asia One recently, said women who wear contact lenses need to bear in mind when they will be wearing eye makeup and how this could possibly affect their contacts.

by Adrian Galbreth

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