The next step in laser eye surgery

The next step in laser eye surgery

Laser eye surgery has been growing in popularity for years as people seek a permanent solution to their eye problem, and the latest incarnation of the treatment appears to be the most effective yet.

Philstar recently reported on a trip to the American Eye Center in Greenbelt 5, where the writer was introduced to what the creators claim is the most advanced technology for the treatment of nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism, through Lasik laser eye surgery.

The Wavelight Refractive Suite combines the Wavelight EX500, which is a 500Hz repetition excimer laser, and the Wavelight FS200, which takes the form of a 200 kHz Femtosecond laser.

These are currently regarded as two of the most advanced lasers currently available and so the treatment is being marketed as the most effective means of vision correction ever devised.

Dr Alnette Lee-Tan, a cornea and refractive surgery specialist, told Philstar that the advantages of the new equipment are increased precision and speed, as well as safety, as there is a direct visualisation of the whole procedure.

"The procedure takes out the psychological stigma of the idea that a blade will be applied to the eye. The Wavelight Refractive Suite significantly ups the safety factor. The laser has a tracking system to follow the eye as it moves," she explained.

Meanwhile, Dr Benjamin Gerardo Cabrera, cataract, external diseases, low vision, and vision rehabilitation specialist at the facility, told the source that the new procedure also helps to minimise recovery times after the procedure, which is what puts many people off the idea of laser eye surgery.

"After the patient steps out of the LASIK suite, they can go straight home. There will be a small amount of discomfort … but this usually lasts for three to four hours," the expert explained, highlighting how this may be the next step in permanent eye treatment.

by Alexa Kaczka

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