Looking at 3D images "is difficult for some"

Looking at 3D images "is difficult for some"

Recent years have seen a boom in the prevalence of 3D films, games and even TV programmes, though for some people it has been difficult to ride this wave of technology.

That is according to Dr James Sheedy, a technology and vision expert at the American Optometric Association, who said that many people have great difficulty viewing 3D images, and often experience nausea and other side-effects when attempting to focus.

"Quite simply, people who have even a small vision misalignment or those who don"t have equal vision in both eyes may not be able to see 3D images properly," he explained.

However, this may have a benefit, according to the expert, who observed that watching images in 3D can "unmask" issues such as lazy eye, convergence insufficiency, poor focusing skills and other visual problems of which people may not have previously been aware.

His comments followed the publication of a report by the AOA which found that using 3D imagery in the classroom can boost focus, attention span, retention, classroom behaviour and overall achievement.

by Alexa Kaczka

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