Women "shoulduse a business card when applying eyemakeup"

Women "should�use a business card when applying eye�makeup"

Women looking to speed up their eye makeup application can use a business card as an excellent applicator, an expert has claimed.
Jake Bailey, a celebrity makeup artist who has worked with Taylor Swift, has told Fashionista that placing a business card between the lashes and brow line is a useful tip.
While applying mascara, this prevents accidental contamination of the eyebrow and achieves a better result.
He said that using this technique also encourages a direct upwards sweep of mascara rather than the traditional horizontal movement that is usually deployed.
This allows the upward sweep of mascara to actually curl the lashes, something that would normally result in a mess without the business card"s protection.
Mr Bailey also emphasised the importance of using a primer when applying powder eyeshadow as this creates an even base that makes the application smooth.
The Express and Star recently emphasised the fact that eye makeup is especially important for those women over 40 as it can transform their look. 

by Martin Burns

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