Sormeh powder recommended for eye makeup

Sormeh powder recommended for eye makeup

A certain powder has been recommended for women to shorten the amount of time they spend on their eye make-up.

Melissa Magsaysay makes the suggestion in a blog post on the Los Angeles Times.

She recommends the "sooty black powder", which she also reports is being sold by LA makeup artist Mosha Katana.

Ms Magsaysay writes about her experience of sormeh powder, which she notices did not wash off easily.

Despite washing her face, the substance stayed on for nearly three days.

"It was smudgy, but just required a touch-up in the morning, so I didn"t walk out of the house looking like Courtney Love after a really bad night," she writes.

Meanwhile, an article by Ryan Patterson on accesshollywood.com quotes advice for evening eye make-up from celebrity make-up artist Kate Lee.

She recommended turning a daytime look into a nighttime one by making eye make-up more dramatic with eyeliner and mascara.

by Alexa Kaczka

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