Fashion experts offer sunglasses advice

Fashion experts offer sunglasses advice

By Emily Tait

One major style trend that is unlikely to ever go out of fashion is sunglasses, with all manner of shapes, sizes, colours and designs being sported by famous faces and leading the general public to try and emulate their idols.

For people hoping to follow the latest trends, advice was recently issued by Dan Hasby-Oliver, editor of Last Style of Defense, who noted that sunglasses with combination frames are going to make a comeback in the coming months, with many celebrities already embracing the trend.

He explained that, as far as men are concerned, actor Alexander Skarsgard has "great taste" in eyewear, while Michael Westen - played by Jeffrey Donovan in Burn Notice - has a "killer pair" by Oliver Peoples.

In addition, the expert noted that Zac Efron has had a few "choice pairs", which always seem oversized yet suit him perfectly.

He predicted: "For future trends, we will see combination frames which reference the 1960s and 1970s, plus see a return to oversized, either round or squared glasses, with a variation in coloured lenses."

Further advice was issued by Colette Ali, image consultant, who said that anyone who wants to improve the look of their wardrobe should buy the "best possible" sunglasses that they can afford.

For work, if people are spending a lot of money on suits and their overall work wardrobe, they should not be "letting it down" with the accessories they choose.

When it comes to choosing a design, she said that face shape is key as far as sunglasses are concerned.

"Face shape is very important, you've got to try loads of pairs on. There's that much choice out there now that there will be a pair of sunglasses or a few shapes that people can wear. There's no point in spending a lot of money on a good pair of sunglasses and them not really suiting you," she advised.

Ms Ali explained that the idea is that sunglasses are going to enhance the way people look as well as enhance their outfit, so they have to suit the person and fit in with their style, image and wardrobe. 

by Alexa Kaczka

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