Colour wheel technique "key to picking perfect eye makeup shades"

Colour wheel technique "key to picking perfect eye makeup shades"

The decision about which makeup shades to use should be based on one"s own eye colour, an expert has claimed.
Claire McDonnell, a makeup artist, has told the Ealing Gazette that while people can choose looks based on what they find fun there are certain combinations that will show off the eyes to their maximum potential.
She said that the colour wheel is the key to finding the perfect shade and suggested picking the tone opposite the eye colour to maximise the look"s intensity.
For blue eyes, Ms McDonnell advises using copper, peach, rust and coral shades, although bright pink is an exciting – if adventurous – possibility.
Plummy shades are ideal for those with green or hazel eyes, while brown eyes will generally suit most eye shadow combinations. 

If you love the look but it doesn"t suit your eye colour then there is always the option to change your eye colour with coloured contact lenses.

For those looking to keep up with the latest trends, the Independent recently predicted that darker colours will be one of the key looks this winter.

by Emily Tait

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