Eye tests and ear tests "should go hand-in-hand"

Eye tests and ear tests "should go hand-in-hand"

In the modern age, people rely more than ever on having good eyesight and hearing, due to the increasing reliance on different forms of technology.

That is why it is vital that people regularly go for eye exams and hearing tests to ensure the two senses are fully functioning and they everyday lives cannot be compromised in any way.

Eye tests can help to identify problems such as glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy and even save people"s lives, while hearing tests can also spot major problems before they exacerbate.

According to Andrew Goodwin, information and outreach advisor at Deafness Research UK, people need to have both their hearing and eyesight tested every two years, although many people overlook this.

"While in many cases the symptoms can be treated successfully if caught early, our own research shows that many people wait as long as 10-15 years before seeking help," he added. 

by Martin Burns

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