Benefits of Acuvue contact lenses extolled

Benefits of Acuvue contact lenses extolled

The benefits of wearing Acuvue contact lenses from Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has been extolled by one expert who has noted how far contact lenses have progressed in recent years.

Stanford Guo, the general manager of Johnson & Johnson Vision Care Southeast Asia, told the Sun Daily that the bi-weekly Acuvue Advance Plus contact lenses with Hydraclear give first-time wearers the best possible eye comfort.

He explained that the contacts have 3D Comfort technology that maximise comfort for 14 consecutive days, as well as providing UV protection and ease of handling, while the oxygen permeability provides 96 per cent oxygen to the eye.

Mr Guo told the source: "With the advancement of technology and consumer demand, contact lenses have evolved from hard uncomfortable Perspex lenses that can only be worn for a few hours, to soft, smooth, breathable and comfortable lenses that can be worn all day or longer."

by Martin Burns

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