National vision study "will encourage healthy eyes"

National vision study "will encourage healthy eyes"

By Alexa Kaczka

A new study launched by Ultralase will play a key role in helping people to boost and maintain their visions, it has been claimed.

Luisa Borg-Myatt, online campaign and content manager for Ultralase, said the company's new Twitter-based research project to generate a 'snapshot' of the nation's eyesight through compiling prescriptions will show some people just how poor their vision is.

She noted that Twittervision is a "really exciting project" that the whole country can help to shape, and said it will be interesting to see whether regional patterns emerge when the whole of the UK gets onboard.

"People are generally really interested in their prescription and seeing how that compares to family and friends and now they can see how they compare with the rest of the country," she added.

Ms Borg-Myatt said that the project is "completely interactive" and predicted it will be a constantly evolving picture showing who requires contact lenses and glasses and whose vision is perfect.

by Emily Tait

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