Polaroid unveils new contact lens solution

Polaroid unveils new contact lens solution

By Alexa Kaczka

Polaroid has unveiled its latest contact lens solution, which is aimed at travellers and is designed to make things easy for people taking their contact lens on holiday or away on business.

The company's hermetically-sealed Contactspod has a sterile solution for storing lenses while on the move, which Polaroid is marketing as the world's first pre-filled single-use contact lens case, the Moodie Report noted.

It is designed to provide contact lens wearers with "easy and immediate access" to a sterile lens case, which could subsequently reduce the number of eye infections suffered due to poor storage or discomfort resulting from extended wear.

Jim Hall, chief executive officer at Polaroid, told the website: "Quite simply, Contactspod is a product that contact lens wearers have been crying out for – it is a perfect fit at airports and onboard as both a planned and unplanned purchase."

The product will rival the Biotrue packs recently unveiled by Bausch + Lomb, which are intended to provide contact lens wearers on the move with a means of storing the products.

by Adrian Galbreth

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