3D images "not overly dangerous to sight"

3D images "not overly dangerous to sight"

The amount of 3D films people are watching and games they are playing is not having the massively negative impact on vision that some people claim, one expert has pointed out.

Dr Lothaire Bluth of Southwestern Eye Center told ABC15.com that she has seen a rise in the number of people suffering from nearsightedness in recent years and a contributing factor in this may be use of digital screens.

It follows the publication of a report by the American Optometric Association, which showed that 30 per cent of parents are concerned about the effect technology is having on the children"s eyes.

However, Dr Bluth said that 3D images are not as harmful to vision as some critics as claimed, such as those who asserted that Nintendo"s new 3DS console could strain vision if used for too long a period without a break.

"Actually, I think [3D images] are less risky because you are focusing each eye independently of the other," she told the website.

by Emily Tait

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