Dry eye syndrome discussed

Dry eye syndrome discussed

Dry eye syndrome has been discussed by a doctor in a Sri Lankan publication.

Writing in the country"s paper The Sunday Times, Dr Charith Fonseka said that the condition is more common now than it was 15 years ago.

Dr Fonseka explained the causes, which include air movement, dry, windy or hot conditions, cigarette smoke and air conditioners.

Sufferers might also not be producing enough tears or there may be a problem with the mucus and lipids that should be found in the tear layer.

In addition, the expert added, the body produces less oil as it ages, especially in women, which can mean tears dry more quickly as there is less oil to trap them in.
According to eyecaresource.com, soft contact lens wearers who suffer from dry eyes should look at the water content of their lenses or change the type of lens they wear.

Hard, gas permeable contact lenses need a special formula to keep them moist, the website said, noting that such lenses are more likely to go dry.

The silicone hydrogel range of contact lenses are particularly good for dry eye sufferers.

by Adrian Galbreth

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