Anthony Daniels: Laser Blended Vision fixed blurred eyesight

Anthony Daniels: Laser Blended Vision fixed blurred eyesight

By Emily Tait

Anthony Daniels, the actor who played the robot C-3PO in the Star Wars films has revealed how a new form of laser eye surgery cured his presbyopia - the age-related blurring of close vision.

The condition is caused when the lens of the eye becomes less elastic, making it difficult to zoom vision in and out and hard to see things up close.

He was diagnosed with presbyopia at 40 and until now reading glasses were the only way of correcting the problem, but as he found out, they are not practical inside a skintight gold suit and mask, reports the Daily Mail.

Therefore he decided to undergo a newer form of laser surgery for presbyopia called Laser Blended Vision, which treats both eyes.

It takes a matter of minutes and leaves no gap between long distance and short distance vision.

'The difference in my eyesight is nothing short of miraculous. I wish I'd had this done years earlier,' the Star Wars actor explained.

by Alexa Kaczka

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