Look the part this Halloween with coloured contact lenses

Look the part this Halloween with coloured contact lenses

By Emily Tait

Halloween has always been a huge event across the globe, with people in the majority of countries marking the occasion with some form of celebration.

For years, the US has been the key innovator when it comes to Halloween ideas and their celebrations are bigger than anywhere, though in recent years the UK has begun following suit as more people catch on.

This is thanks in no small part to the success of the Harry Potter and Twilight films, in which mythological beasts and frightening creatures play a major role.

The Twilight films in particular, based on the novels by Stephenie Meyer, have been enormously popular, making major stars of Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, with the latter two actors both utilising coloured contact lenses in the films.

As a result, people planning Halloween parties have looked to these movies for inspiration and found that Edward Cullen and Bella Swan are the perfect characters to emulate.

With werewolves and vampires being such big hits, a number of other shows have also been created which feature the creatures, including the likes of True Blood and a small-screen remake of Teen Wolf, which have all proved highly successful.

Anybody making plans for their 2011 Halloween outfit will find that there are many different ways to bring frightening characters to life, according to Pendra Maisuria, director of Escapade Fancy Dress .

He said that the key to creating the perfect Halloween look is in the details, and getting the most of your Halloween costume is all about accessorising.

The expert said that adding a touch of make up to your witch costume, fake blood to a zombie outfit or fangs to a vampire fancy dress look are just a few examples of small additions that can make a Halloween costume really stand out from the crowd.

However, people looking to go all the way and create an outfit which will not only be the envy of their friends and family, but possibly win fancy dress competitions, should go for coloured contact lenses for the ultimate look.

"Sometimes coloured contact lenses can make the look all on their own. This year especially, Twilight vampire, zombie and UV glow in the dark contact lenses have been selling very well," Mr Maisuria explained.

"Having worn them myself I can truly say they add an amazingly dynamic touch to any Halloween fancy dress costume and can completely transform your look," he added.

He went on to say that there are many other types of fancy dress headgear or eyewear that he would recommend to people wanting to make the most of their costume and stand out.

These include sunglasses and hats, which are always a good option for adding an extra dimension to your costume.

However, if people really want something that will make them stand out, he we would recommend looking at Halloween masks and wigs.

"These will create a completely unique and original look for you," the fancy dress expert added.

Another very popular fancy dress idea this year is the zombie look, which has risen in prominence in recent times thanks to the enormous success of films such as 28 Days Later, the Resident Evil movies and the TV show the Walking Dead.

The classic look is to for green makeup, ripped clothing and, in recent years, coloured contact lenses that can help people go the extra mile when trying to cerate their Halloween costume.

One thing is for sure – All Hallow"s Eve this year is set to see some of the most impressive and convincing fancy dress costumes ever in the UK. 

by Emily Tait

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