The right contact lenses "can prevent road accidents"

The right contact lenses "can prevent road accidents"

By Adrian Galbreth

The number of road accidents which occur in the UK could be reduced substantially if people wore the right contact lenses, one expert has stated.

According to Dr Sandip Doshi, senior optometrist at The Eyecare Centre in Hove and Optometrist Lead for the Community Eye Service for Brighton & Hove Primary Care Trust, darker evenings present visual challenges to all drivers, particularly those who require vision correction.

In winter 2009/10 there were an additional 55 fatal accidents, 237 serious accidents and 562 injuries recorded on UK roads due to reduced visibility, so it is therefore important that people have the best vision possible to cope with the extra demands, he noted.

"The effects of low light on vision such as blurring, halos and glare, are well known, but only very recently have contact lenses which can significantly reduce these effects, become available," Dr Doshi explained.

Dr Doshi said there is therefore a "definite need" for people to wear contact lenses that can offer better quality of vision, especially during low light levels.

by Martin Burns

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