Computer eye strain "should never be ignored"

Computer eye strain "should never be ignored"

Many people have experienced eye strain following a long session on the computer at work or playing video games at home, but few people take steps to prevent it or even remedy the cure.

This was recently highlighted by Sharon Kleyne, founder of Bio Logic Aqua Research and Host of Sharon Kleyne Hour Power of Water, who has advocated an all-water eye mist to soothe dry eye symptoms.

As computer users have an extremely high incidence of dry eye and computer eye strain, she said eye misting is convenient, easy, safe, inexpensive and best of all, instantly effective.

She recommends several proactive measures to prevent computer eye strain and soothe the symptoms, with the ultra-fine mist hydrating the natural tear film in a similar way to how a humid environment hydrates the eyes.

Ms Kleyne explained that the eyes simply absorb the tiny water droplets from the air then, once the tear film"s water content is returned to normal, symptoms generally disappear.

Misting also provides a good alternative to eyedrops, which can have negative effects for people attempting to alleviate eye strain, she noted.

"Formulated eyedrops contain little free water and mostly consist of artificial chemicals that can flood the tear film and wash away beneficial natural tear film components such as enzymes, proteins and antibodies," the expert explained,

Ms Kleyne advised that the ideal eye mist application would use an all-natural water that is very pure, has a light mineral solute content with no heavy metals, and a near neutral or slightly acidic pH balance of 7.0 or slightly under.

"The natural tear film is pH neutral or slightly acidic when you wake up in the morning and becomes more alkaline above 7.0 as the day wears on," she explained.

As people simply aim the mist towards the face, with a two to three second sweep around the eye area, the entire process should take less than five seconds, yet the effects should be instantaneous, the expert concluded. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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