Stylish sunglasses "look great in winter sun"

Stylish sunglasses "look great in winter sun"

Many people will be making the most of the winter weather in the coming weeks be heading off to one of the stylish ski resorts across Europe and taking part in some skiing or snowboarding.

For many people it is the highlight of their year as they schuss and slalom down the slopes and show off their skills, but for many it is also a chance to display the latest skiwear and highlight their style sense.

Therefore, it is advisable to take the right kind of eyewear to the slopes so people can not only look good, but can also keep the winter sun out of their eyes.

According to shopping editor for OSOYOU, there has never a more stylish time to pull out a pair of shades than this winter season.

She elaborated: "A less obvious accessory for the colder months, [when] paired with chunky thick knits and wrapped up warm coats, sunglasses look unexpectedly chic and create a well put together look.

This season, she advised people to keep their eyes peeled for defined, retro shapes with Perspex frames and use colours to tone with their winter warmer look.

The fashion expert recommend that those with a square face shape should try more circular frames, whilst the more rounded of face should look out for rectangular frames.

Ms Williams added: "Long oval faces can take more statement shades. What better excuse to seek out some winter sun than a brand new pair of sunglasses?"

Recently, Nicky Hambleton-Jones, style and beauty guru at nhjstyle.com, said that everybody is aware of how harmful the sun"s rays can be, but it is not only bright summer sunshine that can have an impact on the skin.

By wearing a good pair of sunglasses, people will protect their eyes from these rays and also stop squinting, which can contribute to developing crow"s feet, Ms Hambleton-Jones noted. 

by Adrian Galbreth

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