Eye-catching tints "great for eye makeup"

Eye-catching tints "great for eye makeup"

By Emily Tait

Those looking to follow the hottest makeup trends this season should make sure they use a combination of eye-catching tints, an expert has advised.

Journal Online has highlighted the great way that properly-done eyes can tantalise onlookers and claimed that lashes are an important area to focus on.

It suggested that people should choose mascaras that are fun, bright and bold – colours such as purple and blue can be a great place to start.

Fans of fake lashes should also consider using these in bright hues as, concentrated at the corners of the eyes, this can be an exciting look.

"There's no strict rule about matching your eye colour to your lashes – go with what turns you on," it advised.

Those choosing eye makeup for the daytime may want to take Bang Style Hair and Culture's advice and to opt for more subtle colourings, as very bright or dark tones will typically look out of place in this setting. 

by Emily Tait

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