Women"s eyes "look older in winter"

Women"s eyes "look older in winter"

By Emily Tait

Every woman knows that the winter weather can play havoc with their hair and complexion, but now it appears that even the eyes are not untouchable, as they look older at this time of year.

That is according to a clinical study carried out by Adonia Organics as part of the development of its new Eye Therapy treatment cream.

The organisation found that a lack of exposure to the sun and some of the benefits its rays provide to the skin is reason why women develop bags under their eyes and dark circles appear.

"The science is coming out linking the lack of Vitamin D and K as one of the causes that plagues us with dark circles and puffy eyes; especially as it relates to fatigue and immune related issue," explained anti-ageing expert Dr Mark Binette.

He noted that, once women have these marks, it is usually difficult to reverse them, with the majority of people more worried about the ageing effect of dark circles than wrinkles, which they think easier to both tackle and overcome.

Adonia claims that the use of its new cream can help to reduce dark circles by up to 87 per cent and also decrease eye puffiness by 71 per cent. 

by Emily Tait

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