Baseball player benefits from vision correction

Baseball player benefits from vision correction

By Alexa Kaczka

A top baseball player has revealed how he was been able to take his game to the next level after undergoing a vision correction procedure.

Pablo Sandoval, the third baseman with the San Francisco Giants, underwent LASIK laser eye surgery in a bid to improve a 20/40 impairment in his left eye that had been affecting his game, the Mercury News reported.

The player's agent, Ryan Morgan, told the newspaper that there has been an immediate improvement in his vision, with the corrected left eye now seeing even better than his right eye, which is 20/20.

"He was relying on one eye. I think it would be wrong not to admit there's a correlation there. It's a combination of not picking up the ball as well and how that can play into your confidence," Morgan added.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Times revealed how baseball star Aaron Miles had laser eye surgery in order to boost his form.

His performance since the decision increased significantly, with the news provider highlighting his improved batting average, larger number of appearances and better starts.

by Martin Burns

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