Laser eye surgery "should not be taken lightly"

Laser eye surgery "should not be taken lightly"

By Alexa Kaczka

People considering undergoing laser eye surgery have been advised not to take the procedure lightly, as it is a major operation that can have life-changing benefits but also carries risks.

Saundra Winer, writing for EQuick News, said that there are many things that people thinking of having laser eye surgery need to consider, such as the after-effects of the procedure and the possible side-effects.

She explained: "Depending on the type of lenses you wear it could require several weeks of preparation. After surgery, eye makeup needs to be avoided for a period of time and you must wear an eye guard when you sleep. Eyedrops need to be administered and antibiotics taken."

Ms Winer added that it also may take a while for people to be able to see properly, as although 90 per cent of people benefit from great vision immediately, some individuals take a short while to recover.

It comes after the Royal College of Ophthalmologists recently said that people who have made up their mind to undergo laser eye surgery but are unsure of which type of procedure to have may find that Lasik allows for quicker recovery than Lasek.

by Emily Tait

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