Polaroid unveils new contact lens travel solution

Polaroid unveils new contact lens travel solution

By Martin Burns

A new solution to the problem of having to take contact lenses on holiday in the form of the first ever pre-filled contact lens case has been unveiled by Polaroid, which it hopes will make things even easier for people jetting off in 2012.

Known as the Contactspod, Polaroid said it is a "very simple but ingenious" way of storing lenses in a sealed, single-use case that comes pre-filled with a sterile, multipurpose solution suitable for all contact lens wearers.

It is the size of a make-up compact and has a left and right compartment containing a sealed, sterile and hydrating multipurpose contact lens solution produced by the Ote Group.

When the lenses are in place and the Contactspod case is closed, an airtight seal is formed which will keep lenses safe and ready for use when needed.

The company has highlighted that the product provides wearers with immediate access to a sterile lens case, which it says could mean fewer eye infections due to incorrect storage and less discomfort from being forced to wear lenses for too long.

It will be available for travellers as the Contactspod Travel Pack, which contain two Contactspods, a clear resealable security bag and five single-use vials of Polaroid Eye Drops, which are preservative-free, contact lens friendly drops containing Vitamin B to help protect against dryness and irritation.

Jim Hall, chief executive of Polaroid Contact Lens Solutions, pointed to a recent survey of contact lens wearers that found 86 per cent have been in a situation where they would have liked to remove their lenses but did not have a case to put them in.

The poll also found that 90 per cent of contact lens wearers questioned would be interested in a pre-filled case with solution that remains sterile until opened and 80 per cent would use the product more than twice a year.

Mr Hall commented: "Quite simply, Contactspod is a product that contact lens wearers have been crying out for - it is a perfect fit within both Optical and mass market as both a planned and unplanned purchase."

The product is being unveiled this month and will soon be rolled out for use by travellers and contact lens wearers across the planet.

by Alexa Kaczka

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