Nicki Minaj sports wide-eyed look in new video

Nicki Minaj sports wide-eyed look in new video

By Emily Tait

Popstar Nicki Minaj has seemingly taken inspiration from Lady Gaga in her new music video, in which she sports a wide-eyed look similar to a doll.

The video for the 29-year-old's new song features her dressed in a number of garish outfits and extreme make-up complement CGI-enhanced wide-eyed eyes.

Many people have compared the look to that sported by Lady Gaga in the video to her hit song Bad Romance, which sported a craze for people to buy so-called doe-eyed contact lenses.

However, this craze led to warnings from several manufacturers and eyecare experts not to purchase any kind of contact lenses from disreputable suppliers and to only buy the products if the customer had a prescription for them.

Dr Cindy Tromans, president of The College of Optometrists, recently said that, whether people need contact lenses to see more clearly or not, the lenses should always be initially fitted by a qualified practitioner to ensure it is done properly.

by Alexa Kaczka

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