Contact lenses "can provide numerous benefits"

Contact lenses "can provide numerous benefits"

By Alexa Kaczka

People in search of effective vision correction may find that contacts lenses can help to solve the problem of defective eyesight while allowing them to go about their daily lives without any inconvenience, it has been noted.

Tyrone Whobrey, writing for eQuick News, said there have been some "fantastic" developments in contact lenses over the past few years, which have persuaded many people who were previously dubious about the products to convert from glasses to contacts.

With both soft and rigid types available, as well as daily and reusable versions, there is plenty of choice for people, the source noted.

Mr Whobrey added that the benefits of contact lenses also outweigh those provided by other forms of vision correction, such as glasses, as they can be used to play sport in and will not steam up when weather changes, unlike glasses.

It comes after Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric advisor at The College of Optometrists, recently said new contact lenses are coming onto the market "very frequently" that can benefit all types of users.

by Emily Tait

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