Contact lenses must be properly looked after

Contact lenses must be properly looked after

By Emily Tait

Contact lenses are a fantastic vision aid, but users need to look after them properly - a fact highlighted by the British Contact Lens Association.

The organisation highlighted the importance of doing as the doctor orders and undergoing regular check-ups to ensure that eye health is optimal.

It is also important to wash and dry hands before handling the contact lenses in order to avoid the spread of bacteria. Further to this, users should rub, rinse and store their eyewear in the recommended solution before and after each use.

Some more tips include always applying the same lens first, which will prevent the contacts from getting mixed up, ensuring they are not inside out before applying and handling carefully, which should prevent excessive wear and tear.

When it comes to make-up and cosmetics, contact lens wearers should apply the eyewear before putting on make-up, and remove them before they take it off. When applying hairspray and other aerosols it is vital that eyes are kept closed.

Lens cases are another aspect to think about, and should be replaced at least every month to prevent bacteria affecting the lenses, and lenses and solutions that have passed their expiry date should also be discarded.

There are also some things people should avoid when it comes to contact lens care, with contact with water being an absolute no-no.

If the lens is dirty, dusty or damaged, or has fallen on a surface, it should not be reinserted into the eye without the proper cleaning routine being carried out.

They should also not use the lenses when swimming, using hot tubs or partaking in water sports.

What's more, if the eyes start to look unhealthy, people should stop wearing the eyewear and seek medical advice.

The cleaning solution is another important aspect to take into account, and it is essential that people do not merely re-use or top-up solution, but instead discard and replace all the liquid. They should also refrain from decanting them into smaller containers.

by Alexa Kaczka

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