Swimming with contact lenses "should always be avoided"

Swimming with contact lenses "should always be avoided"

By Alexa Kaczka

Contact lenses enable people to take part in many different sporting activities that would be uncomfortable or even impossible in glasses, but swimming is not one of them, it has been noted.

According to Dr Leslie Doctor from Doctor & Associates, a founding member of the Wilton Surgery Center, there are a few things contact lens wearers need to bear in mind before going swimming.

People should only insert their contact lenses after they have been in the showers at the pool, as this will ensure greater cleanliness.

If lenses are exposed to water while being worn, people should apply a lubricating drop to help loosen the lens on the eye, remove the lens with clean, dry hands, then clean and disinfect it, or discard it.

In addition, if lenses were removed prior to getting in a hot tub, they must be properly cleaned and disinfected before being re-inserted, she noted.

"Contact lenses are really quite safe as long as they are properly fit and patients take the proper care of them along with following these simple guidelines," the expert noted.

by Emily Tait

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