Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

Contact lens wearers offered makeup tips

By Alexa Kaczka

Women who wear contact lenses have been offered some tips on how to apply makeup without putting their vision at risk.

The Beauty and Fashion section of Newsolio.com noted that women who require vision correction should always put their contact lenses in before applying makeup.

There are two reasons for this - it means that people can see what they are doing, and also reduces the risk of the lens brushing against mascara or other makeup on the way into the eye.

"Whether you put in your contacts before or after makeup application, wash your hands before dipping into the wells and grabbing a hold of your lenses. Make sure your hands are clear of lotions, potions and even scented soaps," the source advised.

Similar advice was recently issued by Dr Susan Blakeney, optometric advisor at the College of Optometrists, who said that women should always put contact lenses in before applying makeup to maximise optical hygiene.

by Alexa Kaczka

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