Coloured contact lenses "can alter perceptions"

Coloured contact lenses "can alter perceptions"

By Emily Tait

People who wear contact lenses to alter the colour of their eyes could influence people's opinion of them, it has been claimed.

According to Female First, people are often regarded very differently depending on the colour of their eyes, with those with a brown being most trustworthy and people with blue eyes thought to be kind and polite.

Meanwhile, green eyes are regarded as the most attractive by many people as they are so rare, while hazel-eyed people can be spontaneous and mischievous.

According to the source, people hoping to perceived in any of these ways could use coloured contact lenses to help alter others' perceptions of them.

"The simplest solution is coloured contact lenses. They give you the opportunity to play around with your persona. You could exude more confidence with blue eyes or create an air of mystery with green eyes," it added.

For a major change, the source suggested opaque coloured contact lenses, which can make a "dramatic" change to eye colour and people's appearance as a whole.

by Emily Tait

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