Carol Vorderman backs laser eye surgery

Carol Vorderman backs laser eye surgery

By Emily Tait

Carol Vorderman has become the latest in a long line of celebrities to extol the virtues of laser eye surgery, which has saved her having to alternate between over a dozen pairs of glasses.

The Loose Women host, who presented Countdown for over two decades and relies on her vision to solve maths problems, revealed that she first noticed the signs of presbyopia – the inability to focus on close at hand objects – in her mid-40s.

She told the Daily Mail: "I had read in a magazine that the average age for a woman's eyesight to fail is 46. Well, within three months of reaching 46, sure enough my eyesight started to go bluhhh. I started having to hold things further and further away from me in order to focus properly."

The star noted that, at first, she wore glasses to cope with the problem, but this became a chore after a while, as she had pairs all over the house to wear depending on what she was doing.

"I kept three sets in my rucksack (I'm not a handbag girl), two in the kitchen, two in the bathroom, two in the bedroom, two by the telly, a pair in the car, and a pair in the pocket of my favourite coat. They were just everywhere," she explained.

This soon became a major inconvenience, however, as did having to wear glasses to carry out everyday tasks, from making notes on pieces of paper while filming Loose Women to simply putting on makeup, looking at her phone or eating.

As a result, Carol said she made up the mind to undergo laser eye surgery, and eventually opted for a type of procedure known as blended vision.

The results were visible almost straight away when she could look at the surgeon's wristwatch and, after a couple of days, the presenter - who is now 51 – had clear eyesight.

She told the newspaper that the procedure has changed her life for the better and she is no longer hampered by a restrictive field of vision.

"Before my fading eyesight was affecting everything. Now I can just pick up anything and read it straight off - for me, this has been like a miracle," she added.

by Alexa Kaczka

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