Laser eye surgery gets the thumbs up from one patient

Laser eye surgery gets the thumbs up from one patient

A woman who underwent laser eye surgery has extolled the virtues of the procedure and recommended it to anyone looking for a permanent solution to vision problems.

Penny Lewis, writing for the New Zealand Herald, noted that she had always struggled with her sight until finally making the decision to do something about it in her early 20s.

"When I was 20, I got contact lenses and they were a revelation. I remember staring out of the window for hours, seeing leaves on the trees clearly for the first time in more than a decade. However, over the next few years, my eyesight worsened so much that I couldn't function without corrective lenses," she explained.

Although she had been aware of laser eye surgery she did not really consider it seriously, thinking it too risky, too painful and too expensive, until her ophthalmologist finally recommended it during her annual eye check.

After a consolation, she found that her eyes fitted the criteria, with her corneas being healthy and thick enough and her pupils being small enough, and decided to undergo Lasik laser eye surgery.

The next step was to meet her surgeon Dr Justin Mora for a final check, after which she was instructed not to wear soft contact lenses for a week before surgery.

"On that day, a Friday, I could eat and drink as normal, but could not wear makeup or perfume and had to have a driver with me," she explained.

"The procedure to treat one eye after another took about 20 to 30 minutes. My husband watched it all from a special viewing room. Dr Mora had warned me some of the surgery might be uncomfortable, but it was nothing of the sort."

Any worries about the lasers missing their mark subsided when Ms Lewis found out that the surgeon was use tracking technology, while the only moment of squeamishness was the slight burning smell, which is perfectly normal.

Following the operation, transparent shields were placed over her eyes, at which point she could already tell that her vision was vastly improved.

She returned to work after four days and, after a week of antibiotic, steroid and lubricating eye drops, the healing process went very smoothly.

"The redness and scratchiness disappeared in a week. I am thrilled to see clearly. If the science hadn't been explained to me I'd swear it was a miracle," the patient concluded.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801409505-ADNFCR

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