New Windows phone to utilise eye technology

New Windows phone to utilise eye technology

By Adrian Galbreth

The new Windows phone from Microsoft will utilise a special type of technology that recognises people's motions, the company behind the development has revealed.

Eyesight, which specialises in touch-free interfaces for digital devices, has revealed that its eyeCan allows users to control windows, applications and media, with a flick of the wrist, and to use a virtual mouse/pointer from across the room, known as (eyePoint).

According to the company, its eyeKeys application allows gestures to be mapped to existing keyboard shortcuts, virtual keypress events and touch events, while applications such a; Powerpoint, Media, Photo gallery, web browsing and reader applications can be gesture enabled.

It also offers original equipment manufacturers an easy-to-use software development kit, allowing them to quickly integrate gesture control function into the features and applications at a code level, noted Gideon Shmuel, chief executive of eyeSight Mobile Technologies.

He explained that the Windows 8 user-interface has been designed for touch, but other solutions require that users adapt to perform slightly stiff or fixed movements to recognise gestures.

"EyeSight's software, on the other hand, is designed to recognize various natural ways in which users perform gestures. Customers will flock to the devices that provide the most comfortable and natural user-experience, and so we have put this requirement front-and-centre," Mr Shmuel added.

by Martin Burns

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