Poor eyesight "should not compromise reading enjoyment"

Poor eyesight "should not compromise reading enjoyment"

People should not allow poor vision to scupper their enjoyment of reading and should take steps to solve the problem, one expert has claimed.

According to Tony Veverka, chief executive at Ultralase, many people are suffering in silence by squinting to see their favourite books, even when there are glasses and contact lenses that can help to make the activity far easier and infinitely more enjoyable.

His comments came after a survey carried out by his organisation found that many people are persevering with squinting at books rather than doing something about it.

"It is disturbing to see that so many people still let their sight compromise their joy of reading. In fact, 15 per cent of people in the UK struggle with their sight whilst reading," he explained.

According to the results of the study a further 12 per cent said that they have felt intimidated or embarrassed by not being able to see when they are reading in front of other people.

Mr Veverka noted that one of the most common causes of poor vision when reading is presbyopia, which will affect everyone at some stage in their life and can set in as early as 40 to 50 years old in some cases.

"Unfortunately, it’s not something you can avoid but there are treatments available, such as IntraLASIK Supracor to combat the condition and we urge people to explore those options before sacrificing the enjoyment they deserve when reading," he added.

Other results from the study revealed that one in ten people feel that reading glasses are a symbol of getting old, while a further ten per cent would rather opt for treatments such as laser eye surgery than wear glasses.

To coincide with the study, the company launched an initiative to encourage people across the UK top swap books and share their love of reading with other people.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801413238-ADNFCR

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