Regular eye exams "more important as we age"

Regular eye exams "more important as we age"

It is always important to have regular eye exams, no matter how old people are, but this is particularly true as people get older, one expert has highlighted.

Danielle Shanks, lead optometrist at Ultralase, said it is "inevitable" that sight will deteriorate with age in the same way people naturally go grey and get wrinkles.

"With age our eye exhibits a progressively diminished ability to focus on near objects, for example a book, tablet computers, medicine bottles, which results in individuals needing a form of eye correction to help them focus," she explained.

The expert pointed to some of the signs that someone may need reading glasses, such as difficulty reading fine print, especially in low light.

Others include feeling more tired after long periods of reading, feeling that their arms are not long enough anymore to read at a comfortable distance and difficulty focusing from distance to near.

As people age, it is therefore particularly important to have regular eye examinations every one to two years, Ms Shanks recommended.

Such testing will allow clinicians to detect and treat conditions at the earliest stages such as cataracts, as most problems can be easily treated if detected early through regular eye examinations.

"Such treatments can help preserve an excellent quality of vision as the patient grows older," the expert concluded.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801418179-ADNFCR

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