Sunglasses "are far more than a fashion statement"

Sunglasses "are far more than a fashion statement"

Sunglasses have long been an essential fashion accessory for people stepping out into the sun, particularly at this time of year when the sun peeks out from behind the clouds and dazzles us.

However, too many people are unaware that sunglasses also play a key role in helping to protect us from the dangers of the sun, including the harsh UV rays that can cause a number of health problems.

This was recently highlighted by the Express Tribune, which pointed out that sunglasses wearers can look good while also protecting their eyes, as long as they opt for quality products.

As it explained: "Wearing cheap generic sunglasses does not help - in fact, it can be severely counterproductive. With no UV blocking coating on the cheap sunglasses, one inevitably absorbs more UV radiation than if they were sunglasses-free."

According to eyecare authorities, people should always opt for sunglasses that block 95 to 100 per cent of UVA and UVB rays, as this can help to safeguard their eyes when out and about.ADNFCR-1853-ID-801430435-ADNFCR

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