Injured US Marine has contact lenses fitted

Injured US Marine has contact lenses fitted

By Alexa Kaczka

A US Marine who was injured in Afghanistan has returned to his hometown of Juneau for the first time since he was wounded by a roadside bomb in January.

Staff sergeant Thomas Howard McRae was fitted with a prosthetic arm, prosthetic legs, a prosthetic eye and a specially designed contact lens for his left eye.

He said originally his vision test consisted of: "Are we holding something in front of your face?" Now, he can see around ten to 15 feet with the glasses.

"That is a huge increase from what it was," he said.

Mr McRae's vision in his left eye is improving every day, but until the specialised lens is made he will continue to wear thick reading glasses.

He explained that he was "not comfortable" when he woke up at the military hospital, as he was suffering from a badly broken thumb and a damaged face.

The optic nerve in his right eye was severed. The vision in his left eye was also badly damaged.

by Martin Burns

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