Contact care kits given to students

Contact care kits given to students

By Alexa Kaczka

In an attempt to encourage proper contact lens care, students attending schools in Salem County, South Jersey have been given a complimentary contact lens care kit.

Taking care of your contact lenses appropriately is very important as improperly cared for contacts can cause damage to your eyes.

Nurses in 34 schools in the area were given the Alcon Opti-Free Pure Moist care kits, by local optometric physicians.

Robert M. Cole, one of the physicians behind the scheme told thedailyjournal.com: "It's about more than just convenience. Children and teens can be lax about caring for their contact lenses, and that can lead to some potentially serious issues for their eyes down the road.

"The more readily accessible these kits are, the better the chance of preventing the problem before it starts."

The scheme has been very well received by the participating schools and a school nurse commented that students who wear contacts and play sport have been very grateful for the supplies when they have had to remove their contact lenses.

by Alexa Kaczka

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