Eye makeup application "holds personality clues for employers"

Eye makeup application "holds personality clues for employers"

A person's appearance could hold clues about their personality to employers.

While making an impression is recommended, employers take only 30 seconds to make up their minds about a candidate, meaning it is essential not to make any beauty blunders.

An unkempt appearance, such as wearing a battered pair of glasses rather than contact lenses, could signal laziness, or sloppy behaviour.

Meanwhile, the Debenhams Beauty Hall poll claims that a candidate with split ends seems lacking in effort and someone with smudged mascara could be a party animal who would rather concentrate on social antics than the workplace.

Other top no-nos included looking over-confident in bright red lipstick, wearing overpowering perfume and displaying chipped nail polish.

However, putting some time into a beauty routine is recommended, as a lack of mascara was shown to hint at someone who has the potential to be too emotional, the survey found.

Commenting on the results, Debenhams beauty director Sara Stern said: "It seems a more natural-looking middle ground is the way to go for sure-fire success."ADNFCR-1853-ID-801460811-ADNFCR

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