One-time use lens which tracks changes in intraocular pressure

One-time use lens which tracks changes in intraocular pressure

Contact lens technology is on the verge of a golden age and uses for them are entering new and unimagined areas.

The latest example: the Triggerfish.

Triggerfish is a one-time use contact lens which tracks changes in intraocular pressure. A higher reading can indicate optic nerve damage which is an indicator of glaucoma.

This revolutionary new device has a high-tech sensor built into the lens which can pick up changes in the volume of an eye. A wireless device that requires the doctor attach a very small antenna near the eye and over the course of 24 hours, it develops a data portrait. This is then transferred to either your phone or a PC by bluetooth and then the information is directly ported to your doctor's system.

It's not intended to measure intraocular pressure (IOP), but rather to find the best time of day to check it. After the lens gathers a wide window of data, your doctor can find the best time to properly measure your IOP in his or her office.
This is can prove useful for people who may be developing glaucoma, not least of all because IOP tends to be higher when you are sleeping and most likely not at your doctor's office.

Glaucoma is often an inherited condition and generally - but not always - shows up after 40, it develops quietly and people are often not aware of it until they suffer an irreversible vision loss.

Therefore, any tool that helps to detect it early is a huge asset. Triggerfish is one more striking development in contact lens technology.

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