Cosplayer May Lose An Eye After Poor Cosmetic Contact Lens Care

Cosplayer May Lose An Eye After Poor Cosmetic Contact Lens Care

Johnny Santos, who is more popularly known as Johnny Hybrid, may end up losing an eye after suffering an eye injury at the hands of cosmetic contact lenses. Santos frequently wears colored scelral contact lenses when dressing as Gambit, and character from the X-Men.

The incident that resulted in his eye injury could have happened to anyone, and demonstrates an excellent example of how important proper safety and handling are for contact lens wearers.

Santos, who was sharing a hotel room with his girlfriend and cosplay partner, Yami Hybrid, had left a small bottle of contact lens solution out on the bathroom counter, something many contact lens wearers do regularly.

Later, while getting into costume, strong hairspray and styling adhesive were used to fashion a wig. Some of these chemicals were inadvertently sprayed onto the outside of the bottle of lens solution.

Later, when Santos went to apply his lenses, he began as he always does, by washing his hand with warm soap and water. While this is normally the best first step in applying lenses, the small amount of moisture on his fingers allowed the chemicals on the bottle to transfer to his fingertips, and then onto his $300 custom cosmetic lenses., which he then put on his eyes.

He knew something was wrong immediately, stating “I pretty much put in lenses full of hairspray, which burned the crap out of my eye, like, holy hell did it hurt. So out of sheer desperation, I pinched out the contact lens taking a chunk out my eye with it.”

The timing of the incident was also unfortunate, as there were no dedicated eye care specialists open on that Saturday morning. He was finally able to get treatment several hours later at an urgent care center.
Santos reassured that the lenses were not at fault in this situation, and that his injury was caused by improper lense care and safety. He stressed the importance of keeping your lens supplied tucked safely away in a drawer or cabinet at home, or in a travel bag when on the road.

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