Six Year Old Girl from Gloucester Nearly Loses Eye after Vicious Dog Attack.

Six Year Old Girl from Gloucester Nearly Loses Eye after Vicious Dog Attack.

A young girl from Gloucester, just six years old, nearly lost her right eye after being attacked by a dog.

Lacey-Marie Smith had to spend her sixth birthday in hospital following a two-hour operation to suture her forehead and right eyelid. The injuries were caused by a dog attack, in which the animal bit into her face and attempted to tackle her to the ground.

Lacey-Marie’s mother, Sian Davis of Maston, Gloucester, was visibly upset, calling the attack vicious and unprovoked. She is calling for the dog to be put down in order to protect others from being attacked in the future.

Speaking of the incident, Ms. Davis said, “I am devastated. My daughter woke up in hospital on her sixth birthday, scarred for life. It was a totally unprovoked attack and if it had been a little bit lower Lacey would have lost her eyesight. She should be in school celebrating her birthday with friends, not recovering from surgery. She’s a lovely little girl and has been really brave but I think it’s going to take a long time to get over this. I actually feel like killing the dog myself.”

Lacey was playing outside with her father, Nathan, and grandfather, David, in his allotment in Saintbridge, Gloucester when she was attacked. The men had to beat the dog to get it to release its bite, and then rushed the small, bleeding child to hospital for emergency medical treatment.

Once arriving, Lacey-Marie was examined by a team of specialist surgeons, who then determined they needed to operate immediately. The surgery went well, and she is now recovering at home. While she may have permanent scarring from the attack, the good news is that she will not lose her eye, and her vision will not be affected.

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