Birmingham MP Researches Eye Care.

Birmingham MP Researches Eye Care.

A member of parliament from Birmingham, Khalid Mahmood, has shown interest in eye health and routine eye care by visiting independent eye care practitioner Ian Hadfield. Mahmood wished to learn more about the importance of routine visits to eye care professionals, and the tests and tools involved in those visits.

In addition to visiting Ian Hadfield Opticians, the MP also met with several representatives from Birmingham Local Optical Committee (LOC). His goal for the meeting was to determine what affects eyecare and vision tests have on the population, and what steps people should be taking beyond just a simple test for visual acuity.

Millions of people needlessly go blind each year due to preventable and curable eye conditions that went either undetected or untreated. By visiting with an eye care professional, these people would have very likely been able to keep their eyesight.

Knowing why these people don’t get proper treatment is the first step in solving the problem. If people are unaware of the dangers involved in not receiving regular eye exams, then steps to better educate the public should be taken. However, if the medical resources required are simply not accessible to them, programs need to be either developed or expanded in order to make them available to more people.

“People with sight loss issues rely on good community-based services. Currently there is not the equality of high-quality care services across all parts of the city to encourage early detection and treatment. The people of Birmingham deserve better,” said Mahmood.

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