New Smartphone App Aims to Help Eyes, Rather Than Harm Them

New Smartphone App Aims to Help Eyes, Rather Than Harm Them

There are a lot of suspicions that the light emitted from the small screens on cell phones and tablets is slowly hurting our eyes while we tap and swipe our way through Instagram streams and chase Pokemon around, but a new app aims to improve eyesight, rather than harm it.

The specific wavelengths of light that shine from most digital displays, along with the high frequency at which they flicker can cause many people to have eye strain and headaches, especially when used in dimly lit environments. But what’s unknown for certain is if there are any long term negative consequences for using these types of devices.

While research is still inconclusive on that subject, one smartphone app is hoping to achieve the opposite. It’s called Eye Exercises, and is developed by healthcare4mobile. The app offers several vision therapy exercises which address many common problems that people that used computers all day are likely to experience.

It helps people practice eye relaxation, addresses ways of preventing dry eyes, and a wide range of other common issues. In total there are over 50 exercises offered, which are divided into 10 separate categories. There are 7 training plans pre-configured to help people of all walks of life, 12 different eye tests that help detect any existing issues, and 8 quizzes designed to increase knowledge of different eye conditions that many people have, but are unaware of due to unfamiliarity with the symptoms.

The app monitors the user’s progress over time, and keeps track in any changes in visual ability, or knowledge of eye conditions and diseases. With regular use of the various exercised, small improvements to the user’s eyesight can be expected. Best of all, the app is totally free.

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