A Film Crew Wants To Discover If Extraterrestrials Are Really Living On Argentina's “Eye Island”

A Film Crew Wants To Discover If Extraterrestrials Are Really Living On Argentina's “Eye Island”

A very strange island known as "The Eye" in Argentina is sparking a great deal of interest amongst scientists, UFO theorists, and filmmakers around the world. This floating circular island has caused a great deal of speculation both inside and outside the scientific community, and one film crew is currently raising the funds to thoroughly research this region.

"The Eye" is located in Argentina's Parana Delta, right between the two cities of Campana and Zarate. For those who want to check this island out on Google Maps, the exact coordinates are 34°15'07.8'S 58°49'47.4"W. People should have no problem spotting this island since it forms a perfect circle with a total diameter of 130 yards.

This island was discovered by an Argentinian film crew online while they were searching for a local place to film a documentary on paranormal activities. After the film crew discovered this island using Google Maps, they spent about eight hours hiking through marshlands to investigate "The Eye" firsthand.

When they finally arrived at "The Eye," this crew was amazed by many geological anomalies. First off, they discovered that the water around this island was both clear and cool, which was quite distinctive in the area. Also, they discovered that the bottom floor of the water was actually hard, instead of marshy like the swamps that surround it.

But perhaps one of the weirdest discoveries this film crew made was the fact that the island appeared to be floating and rotating on its own axis. As of this moment, they cannot describe why or how this island is able to float. When crew members asked locals how this island floats, they simply told the crew that the island represents the kingdom of God on earth.

This Argentinian team is now hoping to raise $50,000 through Kickstarter to help fund a professional investigation of this area. So far they have raised around $8,500. With the funds raised, this team hopes to pay professional biologists and geologists to accompany them on future trips to the island. They also hope to purchase specialized drones to use in their studies.

One influential supporter of this project is Richard Petroni, who is a hydraulic and civil engineer in New York. Petroni told reporters that this island has fascinated him due to the fact that it rotates on its own axis. He believes that the claims people have made that this is an alien base, plus the fact that many people have reported UFO sightings around this area, should be investigated seriously.

One of the most popular extraterrestrial theories on "The Eye" comes from Scott C. Waring, the founder of the website UFO Sightings Daily. He wrote on his site that this floating island was probably a cover for an alien base. He believes that a UFO of 100 meters could easily fit in this island.

Only time will tell what exactly is going on around this strange island in Argentina. For now, this film crew's Kickstarter page has over 100 backers, and the campaign is set to end on October 10th.

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