Facebook’s Zuckerberg explores social media VR

Facebook’s Zuckerberg explores social media VR

Mark Zuckerberg, who started Facebook in his Harvard dorm room, has always seen the potential for social media.

Now he thinks that Virtual Reality can take it a step further.

Facebook snapped up VR pioneer Oculus Rift in 2014 and in October, Zuckerberg gave a live demonstration of where Facebook is aiming to take the technology.

In Facebook’s vision, the users will have an avatar which will have real time facial reactions and emotions. The users can play games – in the demo one of the users drew a Rapier and began to mock-duel Zuckerberg – or go to exotic locales like Mars, as the demo participants also did.

The headset also works with Facebook and Facebook’s Messenger, so that users can correspond within VR. They can also take pictures and send them directly to Facebook.

Adoption may not go as quickly as Facebook might like, however. The initial package is expected to cost nearly £900.

That will cover the Rift headset, headphones, a movement sensor and a controller.

Additionally, the headsets, at least for now, may pose an issue as they are heavy and can cause neck and dry eye.
As we’ve seen so often in electronics, miniaturization will eventually make the headsets much smaller and Facebooks and Oculus are working on sunglasses which work with either VR or Augmented Reality.

The future is about to change, again.

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